WorkInvoice breaks the habits

Twm launches the first credit market online

Digital technology has changed everything in our lives. So could it even change the way we cash our checks? From this simple question, The Washing Machine created a campaign to launch Workinvoice, a startup that provides access to the online credit market. The campaign, planned with daily and periodic print, radio, social and web ads, shows vintage objects that are used daily, such as a phones, televisions, and typewriters. With the arrival of the digital age, these tools have quickly come to appear as archaic. It’s like saying: everything around you has changed, so why would you still want to cash checks the way you did 20 years ago? In fact, the service offered by Workinvoice is a fast, smart solution: what’s the point of waiting to cash a check if, in today’s digital world, companies are willing to buy it immediately with a minimum fee of 1 or 2%? The total managed by Workinvoice in a few months rose from $0.00 to over $100,000,000.